Hire the Most Creative Wedding Photographer in Canberra

After the wedding cake is eaten, the dress is at the dry cleaners and the wedding is all over, the happy bride and groom are left with many wonderful experiences and memories of their wedding day. This is the day they start their journey of life together. However, when looking back on this day, the couple, their family and friends would always want to relive every happy moment. The best way to do this is by using photography. To ensure you don’t end up having below average photographs that do not capture the essence of your big day, make sure you hire an accredited and experienced professional photographer. Therefore, in order to get the services of a very professional and creative wedding photographer Canberra, contact Creative Image Photography.
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Are You Looking For a Canberra Wedding Photographer?

For the most creative Wedding Photographer in Canberra, come directly to Creative Image Photography. For us, photography is not merely a profession. It is art. That is why we believe in providing our customers with the most unique and creative images on their wedding day. Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life. Therefore you would definitely want to capture those precious moments in the best possible way.
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Canberra Yacht Club wedding

Shiny and Craig had the most perfect of days for their wedding.  The skies were clear, the sun was shining and it was actually quite warm, which was unusual for a late Autumn Canberra wedding.

Shiny’s brother had flown over from China to witness his sister’s marriage to Craig and you could see how extra excited she was to have him here to share part of her day.

As you can see from the photos, Shiny and Craig look amazing together.  This is only part one.  Stay tuned for the next lot of photographs.

wedding at canberra yacht club

Wedding photography Leah and Alvin

Here is part 2 of Leah and Alvin’s wedding that was held at Canberra’s Australian National University.

Love the amazing colours in the trees – which are now sadly all gone!  But, we don’t care as we were lucky enough to be there at the right time!

ANU is a great wedding photography location as there are so many interesting spots around the grounds.


Weddings at ANU Canberra