Tuggeranong Homestead Weddings – Megan and Mick

Tuggeranong Homestead is the perfect location for a casual, relaxed country style wedding.  It was perfect for Megan and Mick and greatly enjoyed by their family and friends – many of whom travelled all the way down from QLD for the day.

We had it all!  Beautiful weather, reluctant Page Boys, Flower Girls who didn’t want photographs, shotguns (all legal), outdoor games, old buildings and long dusty roads – couldn’t be better!!

Everyone had a fantastic time.

Tuggeranong Homestead wedding photographers Tuggeranong-homestead-wedding-photographs-2

Anna and Antoni get married in Canberra

Wow!  what an amazing day we had.

My good friend Peter Chin from Peter Chin Photographics took care of things where the boys were getting ready, whilst I was capturing all of the fun with the girls.  The girls even volunteered to jump on the bed – not sure if the hairdresser and make up artists were too keen about it, but we all had heaps of fun (and no damage!)

We then were fortunate enough to have two wedding ceremonies, one at St Christophers and another at the very colourful Saint Nicholas church.  Saint Nicholas is the only church where they let you throw rice and things, so it fantastic for action shots.

After the family photos, we visited a few locations in Canberra for a hilarious photo session with our fun loving bridal party – awesome!

Finally we finished the day at the Hellenic Club where family and friends danced the night away.  Congratulations Anna and Antoni!

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Emma and Tim’s wedding photography

Emma and Tim were married at The Good Shepherd Church in Chisholm.  Emma arrived in a beautiful horse drawn carriage, which we used after the ceremony for some photographs at Fadden Pines.

The bridal party then piled into the very cool classic Ford V8s and we went at a much quicker pace to another location for some more photos and to take advantage of the golden late afternoon light.  As the light faded we arrived at The Ottoman Restaurant for a very fun filled reception that included emotional speeches, photo booth fun and some crazy dance moves.  All in all, a fantastic day was had by all.

canberra wedding photography creative-wedding-photography-canberra-2

Film VS Digital

Canberra wedding photography is an important part of any wedding day. The team at Creative Image Photography provide photos and videos that are memories you can treasure for a lifetime. For your wedding photos to be spectacular they need to be impressive vibrant and clear and to be good quality on paper that will last a lifetime. To get the ultimate in quality, it depends on the type of photography used – digital or film photography – which is best?

Not many photographers use film these days as the digital age has revolutionised the photographic industry.

Using a digital camera for Canberra wedding photography has its advantages, including efficiency and speed. Using a digital camera to take wedding photos means the photos are ready for printing within seconds of being taken so the photos are available as soon as they are needed. They can then be used for slide shows at the reception so your guests can immediately see a sample of the amazing wedding photographs.  Naturally, taking photos via a film camera means the images need to be developed and are not available as quickly. Digital cameras allow Canberra wedding photography the chance to modify or change the photos straight away, with film cameras once the shot has been taken you can’t make changes, unless the time is taken to scan each photograph so they can be altered.

Another difference between digital and film, is the storage wedding or pre-wedding photos can be stored directly on a computer, flash drive or tablet. It also makes it very easy to share wedding photos this way via the Internet. Canberra wedding photography saves pictures on the computer and that means they retrieve them easily and can touch them up as necessary. Film based photographs that aren’t scanned can only be viewed on paper (in an album) whereas while digital photos can be stored on a CD or USB – and viewed and shared easily through laptops, the internet and televisions.

Using a film camera also has its own advantages – There is a ‘film like’ quality about the photographs that for many is very attractive.  Some say that digital photographs are ‘too perfect’ and show too much detail.   So with wedding photos each person would need to decide on which they prefer.   Having said that, there are options to make a digital photo look more ‘film like’ – so digital does give you the best of both worlds.